Bicheno Penguin Tour

Those that know me know that nothing makes me smile quite like little animals so the Bicheno Penguin Tour was a must do for my Great Eastern Drive road trip.  This nightly viewing 1.5 hour tour specializes in small penguins making their way home after a long day of work. These penguins are the world's smallest species of penguins standing tall at approximately 1 foot and can primarily be found in Australia and New Zealand.

A short bus drive away is a penguin reserve where we learned the importance of not taking pictures as an accidental flash could lead to penguin projectile pooping on you. We were first led to a viewing area right off the beach to sit on little tree stumps where sure enough, we saw families of penguins making their way back home to the reserve.  Their daily path was close to our viewing area and only a few feet stood between us. A few penguin straddlers couldn't seem to find their friends and veered off track waddling right next to me. Incredibly exciting! We then went to two other viewing spots where we could see other penguins making their way home as different families have homes distributed all throughout the reserve.

Despite it being off season, we saw a great amount of penguins come home which our tour guide said could be due to a warmer than normal winter this year. The sky above the reserve area was incredibly clear and we saw tons of stars like none other. The experience was incredibly well worth the $35AU and highly recommend to anyone heading to Tassie's eastern coast.